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Topics và situations cho thi học kỳ II HP Pre-Intermediate 2

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    Theo quy định mới của Nhà trường, Bộ môn Ngoại ngữ đã quyết định HP Pre-Intermediate 2 sẽ thi vấn đáp. Các em sinh viên đang học HP Pre-Intermediate 2 có thể xem topics và nhóm tình huống ở đây:


    1. Talk about your leisure activities (what you do in your free time)

    2. Talk about ways of keeping fit

    3. Talk about a first time story (first day at school/ first time you travelled abroad or alone/ first time you met someone important......)

    4. Talk about your daily routines (what do you do on weekdays/ on weekends)

    5. Talk about your future jobs

    6. Talk about dates and special occasions (New year, birthday, independence day, Christmas day…)

    7. Talk about a person you know (father, mother, brother, teacher, …)

    8. Talk about your next holiday

    9. Talk about your dreams (something you would like to do, but probably won't)

    10. Talk about your achievements (something you have done which you are proud of)


    Situation 1: Asking/ Answering for a fact file

    Situation 2: Asking/ Answering about the first time you did something

    Situation 3: Making request and asking for persmission

    Situation 4: Making suggestions on special occasions

    Situation 5: Asking/ Answering about a person.

    Situation 6: Asking/ Answering about your holiday.

    Situation 7: Asking and answering about everyday things.

    Situation 8: Asking and answering about something you want to do one day.

    Situation 9: Asking and answering about what you did well in the past.

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