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    16. For make adobe bricks, workers mix sand and clay or mud with water and small quantities of straw, grass, or a similar material.

    17. A dictionary allows quick access to the meaning of a word only if one knows how spell the word.

    18. To simulate natural sounds in music, composers often use the orchestral instrument that they feel most near approximates the sound in question.

    19. Sodium is of one the few metals that will burn when heated in air.

    20. Alike traditional harmony, jazz progressions are based on triads, but the special jazz sound is created by the piling up of thirds above a basic triad.

    21. Maine’s abundant forests and rivers has made it a haven for many kinds of wildlife.

    22. In feudal times, the rank of knighthood carried no social distinction, neither any man could be a knight.

    23. Ethel Harvey’s career illustrates some of the challenges encountered by women scientists of her generation as they sought support for they work.

    24. Before the plains were settled, prairie dog towns in many places stretch as far as the eye could see.

    25. Direct mail advertising serves to acquaint customers with products, alert them to new opportunities, and paving the way for other sales activities.

    26. Animal life on Prince Edward Island is confined large to ducks, pheasants, and rabbits.

    27. Andrew Wyeth is famous for his realistic and thoughtful paintings of person and places in rural Pennsylvania and Maine.

    28. It is common knowledge that a flash of lightning is seen before a clap of thunder heard.

    29. Wild elephants are almost continuously waving their trunks, both up in the air and down aside the ground.

    30. Oriental rugs are considered valuable and because their designs are intricate and the weaving process is time-consuming.

    31. The Montreal International Exposition, “Expo 67,” was applauded for displaying an degree of taste superior to that of similar expositions.

    32. A motion picture director for over twenty years, Lois Weber stamped her films with herself style and personal conviction.

    33. According to astronomers, the type cloud found most frequently in outer space consist of diffuse particles of dust and gas.

    34. Among almost seven hundred species of bamboo, some are fully grown at less than a foot high, while other can grow three feet in twenty-four hours.

    35. A foreign exchange rate is a price that reflects the relative supply and demand of difference currencies.

    36. Recent studies have shown that air into a house often has higher concentrations of contaminants than heavily polluted air outside.

    37. Rock decay or weathering is the results of reactions between elements in the atmosphere and the rock’s constituents.

    38. The phases of the Moon have served as primary divisions of time for thousands of years ago.

    39. The introduction of the power loom enabled weavers to produce yard goods faster more efficiently, and less expensive.

    40. In the 1880’s, when George Eastman first offered the Kodak camera and film, photography becoming a popular and individualized art.

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