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    The Denford CNC (Computer Numerical Control) unit fitted to Denfords range of machine tools is a FANUC compatible system which uses ISO code format. This manual covers the stages involved in producing the coded instructions, used by the CNC unit to make the component. These coded instructions are called the part program.

    Each part program contains a number of different codes, the most important being the collection of G and M codes. Essentially, these form the basic language used to describe how a component will be manufactured, the order in which to carry out machining tasks, when to change tools, how far to cut into the material etc.....

    The front sections of this manual cover the basics of part programming, including guidelines for general layout and commands. Each section builds progressively, using plain, easy to follow text, to cover the most common aspects of programming. At the end of this stage, the operator should be confident enough to tackle basic part programming.

    Naturally, this manual cannot "teach" the operator everything there is to know about programming. The subject is simply too vast to include it all. The content of this manual does, however, form a good basis from which to start learning and hopefully inspires confidence in using more technically structured documents.

    The G Codes and M Codes sections contain information which are more specific to certain commands and functions - these sections are intended more as a reference guide, once the operator is confident with the basics of programming.

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